The course designed to expand knowledge of Real-Time Filmmaking and allow learners to experience a wealth of filmmaking techniques such as Conceptualizing, Performance capture, Augmented reality, Green screen virtual production, and In-camera visual effects.



  • Film school graduates
  • Visual communication graduates
  • Animation & VFX graduates
  • Electronic media graduates
  • Mass communication graduates


  • Vfx artist ( Rotoscope, Matchmove, Compositing, Paint & Prep )
  • CG artist ( 3D Modeller, Texturing, Rigging, Lighting, Environment artist )
  • VFX supervisor
  • Cinematographer
  • Editor.

Mode of Admission

Prior admission to the training the candidates will have an in-person interview. Scholarship is available for the candidates with proficiency who will take-up the scholarship test conducted by Stage Unreal.


Upon training completion , The students will be certified, chosen talents will be rewarded with an opportunity to work in live projects of Stage Unreal Virtual Production team.



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Previsualisation provides a virtual space to explore new ideas and to propose technical solutions and make way to convey the vision to the entire crew members. Unreal engine realtime rigs provide the previs artists and filmmakers to work-out the process easily and saves time.
What you’ll Learn :
  1. Shots Breakdown & Staging
  2. Photogrammetry
  3. Virtual Location scouting
  4. Integrating assets in Unreal engine
  5. Live Rigs and Animation
  6. Virtual Lighting
  7. Camera Blocking and Movement


Technical visualization is an extension of Previsualization.Sometimes script demands complex shots that are practically difficult and it can be sorted out with the help of technical visualization. When technical information like measurement of crane, camera position, angle and shots relative to subjects, etc is provided by simulating virtual camera.
What you’ll Learn :
  1. Understanding Physical camera rigs
  2. LIDAR
  3. Simulcam
  4. Lighting and Camera positioning.


The concept behind the post-visualization is that numerous plate shots, CGI elements, and a virtual set were all put together and composited. Match moved and gave a clear translation of the ultimate output. With the finalised post-visualization, the desired studio will have the precision in scheduling the post-production visual effects and also the bidding process for final VFX becomes fixed and more accurate.
What you’ll Learn :
  1. Compositing in Unreal engine
  2. FX
  3. Keying


Performance capture & Metahuman

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Performance capture

Performance capture typically involves simultaneous recording of an actor's voice, body movement, and facial expressions. The performer wears ‘’Xsens’’ mocap suit to capture their body movement; a microphone to capture their voice, and tiny facial markers to capture their facial nuances, and then the mocap data will be transferred to CGI characters.
What you’ll Learn :
  1. Understanding ‘’Xsens’’ Mocap suit
  2. Mocap data Transfer to Rigs
  3. Animation clean-up


Metahuman by Unreal engine is an open source that allows us to create our own digital humans in photo-realistic and the customization of hairstyle, facial features, body proportion, etc.
What you’ll Learn :
  1. User interface
  2. Metahuman Controls
  3. Character Preparation


Green Screen & AR experience

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The traditional method of VFX composition is time-consuming and demands a team of VFX artists. But now, With the help of the green screen and Real-time software unreal engine, the creators are allowed to live key the footage in real-time and get composited with the photorealistic background environment without waiting until backgrounds are added in the post-production.
What you’ll Learn :
  1. Ncam tracker
  2. Camera tracking/Calibration
  3. Green screen compositing



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In-camera Vfx gives seamless integration between real actors & physical sets with photo realistic backdrops displayed on LED volume. It’s also referred to as on-set virtual production.It’s a cutting edge methodology for filming Real-Time visual effects during live action film shoot. ICVFX results in providing the closest representation to the final product,as early on as the creative process.
What you’ll Learn :
  1. Understanding LED volume
  2. LED projection
  3. Real-time rendering
  4. Live-link and multi user editing.